WD-40 BIKE is a subsidiary business unit under WD-40 Company focused exclusively on cycling-specific maintenance products. 
It offers an initial product range including wet and dry chain lubricants, a heavy-duty degreaser, a foaming bike wash and a frame protectant. This is a rebranding project having web and mobile platform. Its concept improves the outdated current brand image of WD-40 BIKE and strategy to appeal millennials and global users. Not only this makes user approach to the products more accessible, but also it makes the synergy effect by collaborating with WD-40 repair kit.

WD-40 BIKE brand needs to be improved in the points of digital strategy and marketing strategy. they have many royalty customers and strong brand recognition. However, in terms of a new market area, young target audiences, it is still behind in the brand awareness. New rising young bike maintenance competitors and Less/ no mobile app and web presence also lead to losing the most potential clients.

After the user research, I created two each different personas called the Bike Pro Rider and Bike Commuter. They love their bikes and use it every day, and they want to maintain and repair their bikes quickly when they have the problem. It's hard to keep maintaining and taking care of the bike in the context of money and time. WD-40 BIKE app will solve their problems.
User Journey Map
User Journey was based on the information gained from the research and persona. It helps I can understand the seamless flow and friction of the system requiring for the better user-centered design. 

WD-40 BIKE has the multiple features which are bike registration, repair & maintenance, and social sharing tools. User can register their bikes on the app for the purpose of bike maintenance. They also connect with other users to borrow the tools they need without purchasing. Repair kit is a huge part of the strategy. User can purchase the repair kit from bike shops real-time, and It will include the bike tools and a lubricant. They can plug their repair kit on the app to synchronize, and then they will know what tools they have now. It also makes better experience about the product while it gives more true value to WD-40 BIKE lubricants.             

2 digital deliverables to improve better user experience : the website & mobile app. ​​​​​​​

Website is the company's face. Newly renovated website has simple and intuitive design and good storytelling about the products. Its responsive and interactive design make users experience of the product more entertaining.

Sketches for Flow and Layouts

User Flow
The user, a rider in this context, should easily manage their bike for repair & maintenance, seamlessly get involved in the bike community with social sharing tools, and then track their own bike history. As this can happen in any random order, the app’s flow has to be instinctive, almost automatic, so the user can focus on the core purpose of the app: repair & maintenance.

Face ID & Dashboard
Users always want to have better experience with new technology. Face ID is accurate and powerful authentication system. It will make unlocking fast, easy, and intuitive. Dashboard shows the overview of multiple functions, which are outdoor condition, registered bike slots, repair & maintenance history, drop status (point to borrow tools), and bike store (WD-40 BIKE online store). 

Once user scans their bike, it will automatically bring the information from Google Search. The Scanner gives user the best guesses about the bike model. User doesn't need to fill out when they register their bikes.

Select a Repair & Repair Kit
User can find the symptoms of bike repair & maintenance easily on Select a Repair. Once they select the certain symptom, Repair Kit will show what tools user needs before they start to fix. User can have the option to explore other users who have the same tools.

Repair & Maintenance Manual
Once user selected the symptom of flat tire on the previous screen, repair or maintenance manuals will be shown up step by step. User will be guided by easy, fast and intuitive graphics. User can watch video instruction for better understanding.

Social Sharing Tools
User can connect to other users to either borrow or lend bike tools, if they don't prepare.They can find out people have the tools, have the conversation to set up a schedule for meeting. Real-time scheduling on chat screen will accelerate eco system of social sharing tools.

Maintenance Notification
Maintenance modal will show up depends on routine maintenance and weather conditions. User can know what specific maintenance they need for their registered bikes.

WD-40 BIKE Drop
Drop is the point to be used for either lending or borrowing the bike tools on social sharing service.
User can earn Drops by sharing the app on social medias, lending the tools to other users.

Graphic Design
Joo Young Joung


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