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Design blog forum to help UI/UX rookies in South Korea


As technology industry is booming up, many Korean students are choosing UI/UX design as their career path. They are getting sources such as UX methodologies and career tips by Google search or Naver (Korean Search Engine Platform). However, It’s pretty rare to discover Korean-written UX content posted on a consistent basis. 

So I made a design blog forum site to share some UX sources with students.

It’s my first project that I have built and published in my end. I used the WordPress CMS to build the site. l had to deal with some CSS and customized PHP to make the site experience works better. 

Year: 2020

Type: Personal Project

Duration: 3 months

Design: Jooyoung Joung

Development: Jooyoung Joung

Tools Used: Sketch, WordPress CMS

The condition of design education in South Korea (Business Opportunity)

Around 38,000 design undergraduates are coming our from school every year. (source: Korea Institute of Design Promotion) The number of design undergraduate students in South Korea is ranked as no.2  right behind the U.S. (It’s surprisingly a lot of numbers compared to its population.)

40% of students in the major design group in South Korea are studying the visual communication design. And more than 50% of total design undergraduates are trying to learn UX design now since many of things in our life is getting digitalized. 

Despite there are some schools, academies, and online courses are teaching those specific curriculums, there is still not enough number of them, but also the quality of the curriculum is very behind compared to the education quality in the U.S.

There is not much Korean-written UX content

Many students who want to learn UI/UX design in South Korea, search and collect relevant sources through 2 channels which are Google and Naver (Korean Search Engine Platform). Interestingly, The most educational UX contents come from some countries such as the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and so forth since these types of disciplines were founded in those countries.  

Did you find something interesting? They are all English-speaking countries. Worldwide, the English-written contents are occupying around 60% of the whole internet world. However, Korean-written contents are only 0.4%. That being said, Korean UI/UX rookies are struggling to access quality UX-related sources via internet. There is also not much Korean-written UX content posted on a consistent basis.

How it works (Blog + Forum)

My initial idea was creating the forum site, called Design X Code (kept the same name for now) for Korean designers and Korean developers so they can interact each other and the site is run by user-generated contents. (I was thinking a kind of Korean version of Stack Overflow site for designer and developer both so they can share practical tips and sources as well as career feedback) 

After ideation, I realized that it would be difficult to gain and hold the traffics at the beginning. So I tweaked the design direction a little bit, and consolidated the forum and blog (membership base) so it brings and keeps traffic with educational contents will be posted every week. 

I will keep posting educational articles once or twice every week in my end. (A great way to teach myself by documenting design articles) Getting the email subscription from the users would be also helpful for the retention of the traffic also.

Users are able to interact each other and share sources through the forum embedded in the site. 

WordPress CMS vs Laravel PHP Framework

At the beginning, I was collaborating with my younger brother in South Korea who was learning code. We were making more like typical Korean forum style (게시판, It’s a simple line item view forum) since Koreans are familiar with that style.

Initially, we tried to execute the site with the Laravel – The PHP Framework. However, It was over burden for my brother to work with since there is learning curve in a tight timeline. So I decided to move to the WordPress which is widely used CMS in the world. WordPress is easy to manage and maintain the article contents and user membership in the site. I still had to deal with some CSS and PHP snippets to customize the site better. Now, It’s launched as MVP. 

Next Iteration

I will keep testing the site’s performance and collecting the feedbacks to evaluate the initial idea and solution over and over. 

Depends on the growth of the site, I’d like to scale up the site by including more variable topics such as  design career as well as language translation feature of contents in future by collaborating some other professionals. 

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